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What we do

MtopSwap is a Software Development project and DeFi Platform developing a suite of tools while emphasizing user experience via a focus on clean, simple, and user-friendly interfaces.

We will build our initial products on Harmony $ONE with the goal of aggregating all EVM compatible chains in the future, all powered by our utility token, $MTOP.


Almost every aspect of our project is unique - from using NFTs as recurring subscriptions, to stable 15-20% APRs, to the core components of our multi-swap aggregator & planned product suite of safety features, price charting, a full portfolio manager, & much more!

We will use a recurring subscription software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. These monthly recurring subscriptions will utilize expirable NFTs and push the boundaries of what NFTs can do beyond what DeFi users are accustomed to.


Many DeFi protocols prioritize speed of development over user experience, either due to consumer pressure, forking, or lack of appropriate funding. MtopSwap will prioritize a smooth user experience from start to finish.

Any interface element on the page will be minimalistic, lean, and clean, while serving a specific and useful purpose. Instead of forking, we chose to re-write much of our front-end from scratch, including our multi-swap aggregator, creating a lightning-fast experience for users.