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The Problem

Navigating 100s of DEXes with different URLs and UIs across many ecosystems is tedious and confusing to new users. Especially during a bull run, if you held tokens on multiple DEXes, having to keep 15 tabs open on desktop or mobile is a nightmare.

The Solution

MtopSwap has developed a one-of-a-kind multiswap DEX aggregator that allows users to trade 150+ DEXes simultaneously on 10 EVM chains using a standardized UI! Over time, we will develop a suite of tools that further emphasize user experience via a focus on clean, simple, and user-friendly interfaces.


Many DeFi protocols prioritize speed of development over user experience, either due to consumer pressure, forking, or lack of appropriate funding. MtopSwap will prioritize a smooth user experience from start to finish. Any interface element on the page will be minimalistic, lean, and clean, while serving a specific and useful purpose.